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Your Wedding day

All vendors should really care about your wedding day; making sure it goes exactly how you envisioned it. I work with the venue and other vendors from the DJ to the event planner to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Scared or nervous about posing?

I got you! Aside from the "smile and look at me" photos, I tend to not pose that much! Because I really try to keep things very natural and comfortable.

My theory is that if you feel awkward in a pose, it will show through the photo!

I also try my best to get the job done quickly and efficiently as possible.

I really don't want you to miss out on your special day.

Capturing What's Important to You!

After photographing many weddings over the years,

I know the importance of capturing moments in an authentic and creative way.

You deserve photos that are full of life, personality, and creativity.

It's About You, Not Me...

Tired of everything looking the same while you research weddings?

I completely understand! You probably don't want your photos to be plain, generic and emotionless; or generally just like everyone else's.

What I also understand is that every couple is different and trying to capture that uniqueness of your relationship is always a goal of mine.

From the moment we meet, you’ll notice I am trying to get to know both of you.

The style of photography I do is a Photojournalist type of approach to tell YOUR story, finding natural candid moments, mixed with creative lighting techniques.

My job is to capture your day as it is as you'd want to remember it.


Liz & AJ

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"Chris & his team were phenomenal! As a bride who was being pulled in different directions and being asked a ton of questions about the day, it was a breath of fresh air when Chris came in and took charge. He let every single person know the timeline of the day and when & where to be. On top of that, his pictures were breathtaking! My husband hates getting his photo taken but he too loved working with Chris. I cannot recommend Chris & his team enough. Every couple should use them! 10 out of 10!!!"

1 / 20